Over use and sporting injuries

Over use and sporting injuries




The foot is a weight bearing structure, and is therefore subjected, daily, to a large amount of strain. This can manifest itself as symptoms in the feet, legs or hips.

This strain can come from:


• Activities we engage in

• Surfaces we walk or exercise on

• Weight we carry

• Unsuitable footwear

• Poor Foot mechanics

As Podiatrists, our role is to identify the cause of any overuse injury and treat the problem accordingly. For example:


• Identifying poor running or walking techniques

• Exercise and strengthening techniques

& gait reeducation

• Orthotic prescription

• Foot wear advice

• Joint/muscle mobilization

Signs and symptoms of an overuse injury are early fatigue, constant tension and poor flexibility. If you have any of these signs and symptoms you will need treatment. Failure to treat these injuries will increase scar tissue accumulation, reduce blood flow to area and over extend surrounding muscles. Kate looks at the 5 Elements Formula to cover all bases.



• Arch pain (plantar fasciitis)

• Ankle joint stiffness or pain

• Muscle or joint pain

• Bone enlargement/bunion soreness

• Heel soreness and heel spurs

• Splaying or widening feet

• Muscle cramps

• Sore toes and tendons

• Shin splints

• Muscle aches

• Tendon soreness

• Knee joint pain

• Calf pain or tight calfs

• Dislocating or sore knee cap (patella)

• Achilles Tendon soreness

• Muscle soreness or hamstring muscles

• Groin pain or hip joint pain

• Lower back pain and stiffness


Legs and knees:

Hips and lower Back:


Conditions commonly caused by overuse or sporting injuries include:


The human body has a tremendous capacity to adapt to physical stress. We tend to think of "stress" in the context of its negative effect on our emotional wellbeing, but physical stress, which is simply exercise and activity, is beneficial for our bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, making them stronger and more functional. This happens because of an internal process called remodeling.
The remodeling process involves both the breakdown and buildup of tissue. There is a fine balance between the two, and if breakdown occurs more rapidly than buildup, an overuse injury occurs.

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